About The Radiant Rainbow Cap

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My son-in-law, Michael, reading The Radiant Rainbow Cap to my grandgirls. WIsh I could've been there!

Congratulations are in order for... being brave enough to make good choices for yourself, unafraid of making mistakes and not caring about what others think of you. Wearing the clothes you like just because you like them. Eating the foods you like just because you like them. Reading the books you like because you like them. BE YOURSELF!!! (Awesome)

Welcome to the Village of Nobble Ook, a place in which everyone wants to be like the King but not really… The King wants them to be like him.

In the Village of Nobble Ook, someone is going to be very sorry… Will he discover it’s never too late to become a better person? Love yourself for whom you are, and don’t try to be like anyone else.

In the Village of Nobble Ook, the King is telling the people to be like him… Can you imagine? Let’s open this book. Drop-in on the village and take a look.

In the village of Nobble Ook the king is telling the people “Be like me. Be like me.” Never will I agree. You are you, awesome! Like yourself. May there only be one you with that special laugh wearing the clothes you like, singing silly songs that make you smile, running and jumping in your special style... Enjoying every moment of “Being Yourself”.

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Another satisfied consumer! Hoping she will make reading one of her life's passions.
(This was sent to me with permission to post)

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My three-year old grandgirl, Bayla's favorite book is The Radiant Rainbow Cap